Richmond duo displays artwork in Farnham Galleries

by Blair BoydStaff Writer

For people who’ve been anywhere near the Farnham Galleries or the Art Center lately, they’ve probably heard through the grapevine that one of Simpson’s own has artwork on display in the Farnham Galleries.

Dave Richmond, associate professor of art, and his brother, Randy Richmond, have had their artwork on display since Jan. 10 and will continue to show their work through Feb. 2.

Dave Richmond has his digital images on display while Randy Richmond has been displaying his art consisting of abstract photo manipulation. Though both brothers’ work is unique, observers can see a sense of humor in some of the pieces.

“Dave’s fun loving persona shows through his colorful photographs,” sophomore Annette Scholten said.

Dave Richmond has three different series of artwork on display. One consists of different types of butterfly wings, another is dedicated to Master Hu Hung Shu, which is entitled “Huart.” A third theme is a series of photos taken around New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina hit, which are all partially titled “Before the Flood.”

“Dave’s ‘Before the Flood’ and ‘Butterfly’ series are full of life and spark curiosity,” Scholten said.

Other students enjoy the brightness and liveliness of Richmond’s work as well.

“His ‘Butterfly’ series uses very bright colors that almost pop,” junior Stephanie Reagan said. “They all seem to form an interesting pattern which make them fun to look at. It’s also great to see real people enjoying themselves in New Orleans before the hurricane. They look like they’re peaceful and enjoying life.”

Of his three different series on display, it seems that Dave Richmond has a strong connection with the series dedicated to Master Hu Hung Shu. The original work of Shu is the starting point for the 20 new works of art that Dave Richmond has on display.

“Shu is a cool cool guy,” Dave Richmond said. “He’s been quite a mentor to me and he’s helped me out a great deal.”

Dave Richmond also looks to Shu for inspiration in his teaching.

“We have a special relationship, and I try to emulate that with my students as well,” Dave Richmond said.

Randy Richmond’s artwork is on display across the hall and brings a whole different type of artwork to the galleries. Many of his pieces show things that appear to be out of place while all seem to involve the outside world in some way.

“Randy’s exhibits seem to experiment with placing different objects in unusual settings,” Scholten said. “The scenes are very dream-like.”

Reagan also enjoyed Randy’s work.

“His artwork is very interesting to look at because of the things involved in each piece,” Reagan said. “It allows you to think and develop your own assumptions as to why something is where it is.”

This is not the first time the Richmond brothers have shown their work together.

“Two years ago we were both part of a larger exhibit in Muscatine,” Dave Richmond said. “It’s fun showing with him.”

Students can enjoy Dave and Randy Richmond’s artwork between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday in Farnham Galleries in the third floor of Mary Berry Hall.

“I found it to be very original and thought provoking,” Scholten said.