Dyer re-elected to the Indianola School Board

Dyer re-elected to the Indianola School Board

by Abbie CraneNews Editor

Recently Cyd Dyer, college librarian and archivist, was re-elected to sit on the Indianola School Board. This is Dyer’s third term, and with each term lasting three years, she has already been on the board for six years. Other members of the board include Grant Johnson, Heather Hulen, Dee Allen, Carolyn Langewalter, Joe Royer and Darren Heater.

Dyer said she has always been involved in things when she believes in the cause. A main focus in her campaign was to simply get people to vote, rather than attempting to get people to vote for her.

“I want to encourage people to be active, at whatever level they feel comfortable being active,” Dyer said. “If you have an interest, step up and be involved. The choices other people are making are too important to just sit back.”

Throughout her time on the school board, Dyer said they are always trying to find what will work best for their students throughout the public school system. Some recent changes have been made to make the elementary school curriculum a better fit with what students will need to know as they enter higher levels of education.

“We’re not focusing on one particular age group,” Dyer said. “We’re always looking to be progressive and get the best education possible for our students.”

Instruction Librarian Mary Peterson said working with Dyer has been an enjoyable experience and that Dyer does an excellent job at managing her time, despite being busy with the school board.

“She has been a great resource for the education students on campus,” Peterson said. “From visiting classes, purchasing relevant materials and having experience in working with all areas of education. She also brings recognition of the college library to the Indianola community.”

Peterson also said Dyer is good about listening to everyone’s opinions and allowing her the freedom to do things in her own way. Other members of the board also said Dyer was a great leader and very dedicated to making a difference through her involvement with the board.

“Cyd is one of the most dedicated and caring board members I have had the pleasure to work with,” Johnson said. “I have been on the board for over eight years and Cyd’s dedication and leadership rise to the top.”

The time commitment to the Indianola School Board consists of two monthly meetings, as well as monthly committee meetings. Prior to each meeting, members read a packet of information that will be discussed at the meeting. According to Hulen, despite working at the library and serving on the school board, Dyer makes time to do it all and be a leader.

“Cyd is a valued member on our board,” Hulen said. “I have respected and appreciated Cyd’s sincere, enthusiastic and genuine interest in education for the children in our district. She was our Board President last year and handled many challenging situations with competence, poise and composure.”

Dyer said working at the library makes her consider things other members of the board might not think of.

“It made me think about the skills of our entering Simpson students” Dyer said. “We cannot assume that they have a specific set of skills.”