Parking tickets leave students nickel-and-dimed

by Our View

Have you noticed the cop cars creeping through campus late at night, their spotlight shining as though they’re looking for an escaped felon? If you haven’t, it’s no doubt if your car is parked on the streets you have noticed the white chalk marks on your tires, or the $15 parking ticket on your car. Some of you may have even noticed your car is no longer parked on the street as it has been towed.

An Indianola city ordinance, which was passed in the late 80’s, prohibits cars from parking on the street in the same spot for more than 72 hours. Although this ordinance has been in existence for the past 20 years, according to Indianola Mayor Jerry Kelley, it is only enforced on a complaint basis.

Understandably, the city doesn’t want the streets to become permanent parking lots. However, the city needs to realize that students are a special population within the community.

The student population has a huge impact on the city of Indianola. It would appear that students single-handedly keep the numerous fast-food restaurants open, not to mention the money students spend at Wal-Mart, getting gas, or buying other unmentionables. Many students work in the community, and numerous Simpson alums run and own businesses in town. The college itself spends a great deal within the community as well.

The most bothersome aspect of the ticketing, though, is students appear to be being singled out. In our own little Simpsonian survey, in over 10 miles of Indianola roads, two blocks outside of campus each direction, and viewing over 110 cars, not one car parked on C Street had chalk marks. Not only are students being singled out, they’re being targeted.

Simpson and its students have too much of an impact on Indianola for the city to be nickel-and-diming students with $15 parking tickets and towing fees. Who really believes there were any complaints about student cars on C Street? One would think the police would have better things to do than mark tires, spotlight cars and write parking tickets, especially during the night hours.