Well-intentioned Homecoming humor ends in ill will

Well-intentioned Homecoming humor ends in ill will

by Ashley GressFlipSide Editor

I feel that I should write a disclaimer for this column. This article isn’t directed at any organization on this campus. It is merely the actions of a few that have made me feel the need to express my opinion.

Homecoming is supposed to be a spirited and fun time on campus. There is Yell-like-Hell, skits and several activities throughout the week that are supposed to get the campus excited for the big game. But, this homecoming was marred by tension between two organizations on campus.

Pi Beta Phi performed a skit that rubbed a few football players the wrong way. The skit was portrayed as a TV show where two Pi Phis played TV talk show hosts. They discussed things such as Simpson ‘it’ couples and the football team’s not so glowing season. It seems that some football players were hurt by what was said in the skit and in retaliation booed the Pi Phis during their performance at Yell-like-Hell.

The Pi Phi’s later apologized for what was said during the skit, and also brought the team fruit before the Homecoming game. But, what I’m wondering is whether or not Pi Phi will get an apology? I think they should.

I understand that some football players were hurt by the skit, and I can see where they are coming from. It is disheartening to not have a great season, and these players felt that it was rubbed in their faces at skit.

Pi Phi’s skit was meant to be a joke; it wasn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. The jokes weren’t just directed at the football team, but at many prominent figures around campus, and the jokes weren’t meant to be malicious. Homecoming week is about school spirit so if the skit did bring down the morale of the football team maybe Pi Phi should have apologized, which they did.

But the actions of a few football players, between the skit and the apology, were so atrocious that I feel they didn’t deserve an apology. At least one football player sent hateful and threatening text messages to a Pi Phi in the skit. He went so far as to her threaten to kick her ass. Another football player flipped a Pi Phi off as he drove past her.

A big football player threatened to kick a girl’s ass; if that isn’t an abuse of strength I don’t know what is. It gets worse. At Yell-like-Hell, several football players booed Pi Phi at the beginning of their performance and at the end.

The girls were joking when they performed the skit. It was not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. When some of the football players went to Yell-like-Hell with the intention of booing the Pi Phi girls, it was purposely rude and hurtful. I’m sure those girls worked very hard on their Yell-like-Hell performances, and all that was heard when they were done was booing. I think they deserve an apology, too.

The football team as a whole did not do this, but it is the actions of a few that can give an entire team a bad reputation. The same with the girls, there were only a few Pi Phi’s that created the skit, but the entire sorority was booed at Yell-like-Hell.

So, who’s right? Probably nobody, but if no one is right then maybe everyone should apologize.