Brennen Tubaugh leaves mark on Storm basketball

Brennen Tubaugh leaves mark on Storm basketball

by Christin KloewerStaff Writer

Senior Brennen Tubaugh, captain of this year’s men’s basketball team, has persevered through many obstacles in order to be successful on and off the court.

“I love to play basketball,” Tubaugh said. “It’s something that I have done since I was in second grade.”

Tubaugh originally attended Indian Hills Community College for one year after high school to play baseball. That year his team made it to the World Series and even placed fourth in the nation, but he decided he missed playing basketball too much.

“I realized that I wanted to ultimately coach basketball someday, so I decided to try to find a place to play,” Tubaugh said.

Tubaugh mentioned that Bruce Wilson, head men’s basketball coach, had wanted Tubaugh to come to Simpson before he decided to play baseball at Indian Hills. Coach Wilson told Tubaugh that if he ever changed his mind to give him a call.

“This was something that other coaches did not do,” Tubaugh said. “I really appreciate Coach Wilson working with me and letting me have another chance.”

Tubaugh credits his parents for the type of person he has grown up to be. His parents took him to endless clinics, tournaments and games growing up. He gives them full credit for teaching him how to play hard and, that if you’re going to do something, to do it right.

“Basketball has taught me a lot of lessons–work ethic, being a team player, sacrifice and perseverance,” Tubaugh said. “I have had two ACL surgeries on my right knee and have had to work hard to get back to playing.”

Tubaugh also said he has learned that nothing is guaranteed and that he gives it his all every time because he could be just one play away from never playing again. He admitted that it’s sometimes hard learning that the team is more important than the individual, but being part of a team is the most important thing he’s learned from the Storm.

Tubaugh has played point guard this season, but in the past he was a shooting guard. He admits that it has been difficult at times being the only senior on the team, but he has learned a lot of great lessons about what works and what doesn’t work.

“The relationships I have been able to make with my teammates this year will be something I never forget and is something that I wouldn’t trade for anything,” Tubaugh said.

Wilson believes Tubaugh has done a great job in the men’s basketball program and has been very loyal to the team. He said that Tubaugh has been a great role model for the young players and is not only a great competitor, but a great individual as well.

“He has been a pleasure to coach and we will miss him next season,” Wilson said. “I would be extremely pleased to have Brennen be my son’s teacher and coach.”

Tyler Erwin, assistant men’s basketball coach and athletic academic liaison, also believes Tubaugh has been a great leader and asset to the men’s basketball program the past four years.

“I am proud to have coached Brennen,” Erwin said. “He has overcome a lot of adversity and will be a great teacher and coach in the future.”

Tubaugh plans on attending the University of South Dakota next year to get his master’s degree in physical education and to be a graduate assistant on the basketball team.

“I want to thank Coach Wilson and Coach Erwin for allowing me to be a part of Simpson basketball,” Tubaugh said. “I have learned a lot of valuable things that I will use someday when I am coaching my own team.”