Our View

by Our View

With the winter season upon us, many students have noticed, what has become a regular scene on campus, steam lines.

According to the article written in the news section, the steam generates during the heating season. At the beginning of this season, leaks in the pipe system become known through the steam that is visible on campus. This is seen through the cracks in the sidewalk, or the bubbly, gushing, geyser in the grass last year, which was in front of Carver.

This year the repairs were in front of Barker Residence Hall and many freshmen found these leaks an inconvenience. Seriously, freshman if you thought it was bad this year, just wait for the next three years. Truth is known to the veterans (upperclassmen) on campus, that this is a yearly occurrence. So, ‘first-years’ wake up and smell the steam, because, unfortunately, you’re going to have to get used to it.

Now, why might this happen yearly? Apparently, the leaks happen at different places, around four or five, each year. This makes for a guessing game for students and maintenance. Which spot will spell funny this year? Which spot this month does one need to walk aimlessly around?

Is it not possible to spend the money that is used to replace the small spots all around campus, to replace the entire system? Of course, that would cost more money for that one particular year, but then the next year and hopefully a few more after that, there would be no cost of repair.

If this were possible, than that would improve the smell on campus, the moral of the students, save time and work for maintenance, and help the appearance to visitors in that it won’t look like Simpson has an underground ‘laboratory’ cooking freakishly smelling things.