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Spring Break is a time for college students to be college students

Do you remember the episode of “The Simpson’s” where Homer takes his family on a summer vacation that happens to fall during spring break? Homer, Marge and the kids end up sharing the beach with a bunch of bikini-clad twenty-somethings and MTV whipped cream contests. Marge doesn’t even let Bart and Lisa out of their hotel room. Why? Because spring break is for college students, not families.

Why else would Victoria’s Secret show up in Florida giving away free swimsuits? It’s not to promote the store’s new line of children’s clothing. Spring break is about students having an opportunity to take a break from classes and enjoy being young and carefree without the worries of classes, tests and homework. For some it may be the only thing that gets them through midterms.

But we don’t want to leave our friends from other schools behind. Last year, students specifically requested that Simpson’s spring break be moved to better align with those of other schools. We were told Simpson schedules its spring break at the same time as the Indianola School District so faculty and staff can spend the time with their children. But this year, the school district’s break falls a week after Simpson’s. That doesn’t seem to accommodate anyone.