Our View

Have any of you taken your computer to the library or classroom to find that there’s no wireless internet or you can’t find a connection to the wireless that’s supposedly there?

Well wait a little longer and the entire campus will supposedly be wireless. As upperclassmen, all we can say is, “it’s about freaking time!”

This will also allow the school to not have to provide as many computers in hopes that more students bring their own computers to campus.

This will hopefully bring in more students that would have passed up Simpson for a more technologically-savvy school, like Buena Vista University. Simpson will be able to better compete with these schools while still maintaining the traditional classroom atmosphere.

Teachers will also be able to implement more presentations with PowerPoint or internet-based programs.

The wireless campus will allow rooms to be safer. Now there will not be cords running through students’ living rooms with the risk of being tripped over and having injuries occur.

Students have been asking for campus-wide wireless for several years, and adminstrators have responded to those requests. When President Byrd e-mailed the student body last fall to notify us that financial changes were coming, he said it would not detract from the quality educational experience Simpson provides. The school’s investment in such a project shows they stand behind their word.

We hope that everyone will find it as beneficial as we do.