Motil & Stovall make return to Simpson

by Amanda YanchuryStaff Writer

Singers Nick Motil and Natalie Stovall will be performing a joint concert Friday at 7 p.m. in the BSC Gallery. For folk singer Motil, it is his fourth trip in four years to Simpson College.

The two singers performed together at Simpson last year and were invited back for a repeat performance. Junior Kellie King, who serves on CAB as a concert co-chair, says that Motil and Stovall have continued to impress them, and that is why CAB chose to bring them back to campus.

“They are both really great artists and song writers and impressed us once again when we saw them perform in Nashville last spring,” King said. “Their shows are fun for everyone, and they connect really well with their audience.”

Stovall, who also plays the fiddle, sings mostly country music. According to her Facebook page, her motto is “Peace. Love. Fiddle.”

Motil is currently promoting his EP “Everything’s Alright,” which was released in the summer of 2008. He has been touring ever since to promote the record.

Motil said he has many stylistic influences.

“My shows are light-hearted messages of love and life without the boring strummy-ness of most singer-songwriters,” Motil said. “I’ve been compared on stage to Pat Monahan (of the musical group Train), David Gray, Paul Simon, and some have even compared me to James Taylor.”

According to King, Motil has accumulated many fans here at Simpson.

“He has developed a fan base here,” King said. “Mostly female students who are a fan of his songs and the way he looks. We have had several students tell us how excited they were that he was coming back to Simpson.”

King said Motil is currently the most booked singer-songwriter on the college market.

Senior Anna Nalean has been a fan since she first saw him perform in 2006.

“I became a fan of Nick Motil’s my freshman year when he came to campus,” Nalean said. “My roommate and I went to watch him and fell in love with his music and his overall laid-back but passionate stage presence. I’ve passed his music on to other friends and family and everyone who’s listened to him has loved his music too.”

Nalean thinks Motil’s music is enjoyable for a variety of reasons.

“I think what makes Nick’s music so awesome is that it is relatable, real and fun to listen to,” Nalean said. “You can see when he performs that the songs mean a lot to him. He’s a great performer and entertainer and I would encourage everyone to watch him the next time he’s on campus.”