Our View: What happened to the May Term we knew?

It’s that time again. Get out the course book and look up something fun and interesting to take for your May Term class. But wait, what if you would like a class to be more beneficial? There have been complaints around campus of not enough May term options, not enough variety and confusion about the courses.  Students have been campaigning for prep courses for tests like the LSAT and the CPA, and some professors have been adamant about not taking May Term in that direction. Yet, this year a N.A.T.A. test preparation course is being offered. Where is the consistency? Students would like to see options that are more practical and pertain more to their academic emphasis and major. We agree May Term should be fun, but can’t we have classes that are more beneficial? The humanities course, “Supergirl Saves the World…Again,” is a great idea and sounds like an amazing class. Studying popular television and female roles while watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed and Joan of Arcadia will be fun an exciting. Another course, “The Great Zombie War” is another example of a creative way to use marketing, writing and editing skills in a unique setting – while having fun. We can’t forget about “Content Analysis: The Ted Bundy Letters.” Every minute of reading letters written to serial killer Ted Bundy while waiting for his death sentence would be nothing short of intriguing. However, students want something else, something more. These classes have been offered before – where is the variety? The confusion doesn’t end there. Some students are under the impression that if you have enough credits as a senior you do not even need to take a May Term. Is that true? Can certain advisers help you get out of the month-long course? We also do not understand why students have to meet with their advisers to discuss May Term and sign up a week later on their own. It only adds time to the process, and again, more confusion. Each student will have his or her own time slot and day to sign up for May Term and fall semester courses. It does not make sense to do that when an advisor can take care of it with the click of a mouse when you meet with them originally.

Simpson College should simplify the process and apply more beneficial options to students who are preparing for studies after graduation. Simpson needs to live up to its selling point of “out of this world” May Term options, where are they?