Porter: It’s time to live like a college student

Times are tough and money seems to be tight. I saw an article in The Simp that said 6 percent of the freshmen did not come back for the second semester, and that stunned me. The article said a major reason for their departure was due to the cost of college. I really try to look at college as an investment in the future; a way to get a good job that will allow me to be financially stable (even though the job market does not look the greatest right now).

Even though it is an investment, most of us need to live on a budget so we do not graduate with an enormous amount of debt and start our lives in a financial hole. So here are a few money-saving tips from Simpson College SIFE. Live like a college student

You are a college student, so live like one. Don’t try to live the lifestyle of a graduate with a job yet. Budget your spending money for the entire semester At the beginning of the semester, figure out what you have available for spending money each week, and stick to it. A Simpson favorite: Shop at Goodwill Check out the local thrift stores for clothes and other household furnishings. Take advantage of student discounts There are lots of places that will give you a discount with your student I.D. Look for and frequent places that cater to college students and offer discounts or freebies. Manage those student loans Don’t over borrow, and try to set aside an amount of money to pay off your student loans Ride your bike I know it is cold right now, but when it is warmer, give it a try. You can ride your bike to classes and around town instead of driving. You can save a lot of money this way – especially those of you who live in Clinton

Chance Porter is a junior at Simpson College. He is a member of Students in Free Enterprise, an organization focused on economics, entrepreneurship and personal finance. SIFE meets each Wednesday at 3 p.m. in McNeill Hall.