A tip of the hat and a wag of the finger…

by Simpsonian Staff

There’s a lot going on a Simpson College right now – so much that we couldn’t pick just one issue. We’ve borrowed a page from Stephen Colbert to give our own list of things and people around campus we’ve been talking about.

A tip of the hat to Bruce Wilson on his career at Simpson College as the men’s basketball coach. After many years and many memories we wish him the best of luck in the future. Also to Charles Zanders who will take the helm for the Storm.

A tip of the hat to everyone involved in organizing the senior finale event in Hopper. One stop for so many things was convenient for students, and hopefully effective for the different campus departments as well.A tip of the hat to all the students who filled out their census forms last week, way to follow through with your civic duty.

We’d like to raise a hat to students participating in the SGA elections this spring. Those who volunteer their time and put in long hours to help make our campus great deserve special thanks.

The admissions office deserves a tip of the hat too. Congratulations on a successful Junior Day last Friday.

Finally we’d like to tip our hats to assistant professor of Communication Studies Tracy Lucht and her husband, adjunct professor Paul Soucy. Congratulations on a baby boy.

A wag of the finger to those who parking on C St. and Buxton St. who clearly missed the parallel parking portion of driver’s ed. There’s no snow, so there’s no excuse to be parked two feet away from the curb.Another wag of the finger to whoever is in charge of the heating system. It’s cold in some buildings no matter what the thermostat is set at. In others, we’re burning up. Some apartments haven’t had their air turned on yet.

We know it seemed like winter seemed like it’d never end. But it did – bring on the sunshine, warm weather and air conditioning!

A wag of the finger to the new photos in the Grill. They look nice and all, but now what will the comedians make fun of? We liked feeling as though we were eating at Applebee’s every night.