FlipSide Face: Brenda Wickett


by Tara Maurer

Brenda Wickett, assistant to the president and assistant secretary to the board of trustees, is the fighting force behind many of the day-to-day tasks at Simpson College.

Wickett plays an important role in keeping the machine that is Simpson College running smoothly. Every day she manages the president’s calendar and prepares any correspondences with the president.

“Our days are wild and varied,” Wickett said.

Director of Human Resources Mimi Bartley likes the effort that Wickett puts into her job.

“Brenda is the quiet force that keeps the president’s office running smoothly,” Bartley said. “She works hard and is a wonderful ambassador for the college.”   

Vice President for Enrollment Deb Tierney agrees that Wickett is “the one behind the scenes” making sure things run well.

“Brenda manages to take care of business while maintaining a sincere sense of caring for others combined with a great sense of humor,” Tierney said. “There have been days when her wit has certainly made me smile.”

While Wickett has noticed changes in Simpson, she herself has made changes to Simpson by creating an impact on all she meets.

“Brenda is one of the most down-to-earth, common-sense type people I know,” Carver Center Administrative Assistant Becky Beaman said. “She is an inspiration to staff with her dependability, dedication and calmness.”

Wickett lives in New Virginia on a small farm. When not working, she keeps tabs on her three children and is preparing for her first grandchild.