Step Aside, Here Comes the Drumline


by Sheyenne Manning

After a lot of hard work and dedication by a few Simpson students, Simpson College finds itself home to yet another exciting addition to its list of extracurriculars – a drumline.

“The drums are supposed to be coming within the next couple weeks, and practice will hopefully begin the very next day,” senior Matthew Bowlin said.

The name of the drumline hasn’t been established yet, but it will definitely need to be split into two groups. Names for those groups are still being considered.   

“I know that with all of the participants that are interested we may have to divide into two groups,” Bowlin said. “They could be named RED and GOLD.”

Because of the great number of people who have shown interest, the group of percussionists has been split into equal talent for both groups.

At homecoming and many other sporting events, the drumline will cheer on members of football, basketball and volleyball to name a few.

“This was another way that a lot of students can get involved with the campus and bump up school spirit,” senior Steven Ramsey said.

All musically talented students are welcome to join regardless of whether or not they have had previous experience.

“We will ensure that everyone gets to play,” Ramsey said.

Although members who don’t have previous percussion experience are invited to come hang out and learn, many students have come into the drumline with experience from high school.

“I have been in band at my high school and middle school in Ottumwa, so I have played on the drumline for six years,” sophomore Zachariah Huebener said.

Huebener, like many other percussionists, played a variety of percussion instruments during high school including quad toms, snare drum and bass drum.

Ramsey hopes that the drumline will be around for years to come.

“I’m even more excited for the younger students rather than myself who will have the chance to see this drumline grow and flourish in the next few years,” Ramsey said.

The Student Government Association offered to provide the funds for the activity in hopes that many students who wouldn’t have previously had the opportunity will get involved in an activity on campus.

The idea for the group originated from Ramsey during his freshman and sophomore years at Simpson. He said it was strange that Simpson did not have a drumline like many other colleges he had visited.

“I know that Steven has worked hard to get this group together, and with the talent that we have I know that we can make this into something that Simpson will have for years to come,” Bowlin said.

Many of the students are very passionate about music and haven’t had the time or opportunity to be a part of any other Simpson music program.

“It will be a great addition to Simpson campus and another great student group for Simpson students to get involved with,” Huebener said.

All members are excited about the development of the group and anticipate positive student reactions. The hope is that the group will boost team spirit and make going to sporting events just that much more fun for students.