Bill Buxton Stadium Gets a Makeover

by Gabe Gilson

A stroll across the campus of Simpson College will bring you plenty of trees, old brick buildings, squirrels, and dirt. Yes, dirt.

While there are ongoing construction projects at the Blank Performing Arts Center as well as the Brenton Student Center, which will be starting in the spring, the Athletic Department decided to get work done a little sooner. Bill Buxton Stadium now has new black fencing around the perimeter, a wider sidewalk stairs coming down from Hopper Gymnasium, a new ticket-gate on the southeast corner, and new arches all around the field including larger ones at the north end with the SC logo on them.

Athletic Director John Sirianni started planning the construction four years ago when a new concession stand was put in place. In the past four years, a new sidewalk, fence, arches, and ticket-gate have been put in all with money that was fundraised from alumni and friends of the athletic program. The total cost of the four-year project was $450,000.

“By the time this whole thing is done, there is probably close to 75 people who have been a part of the fundraising efforts,” Sirianni said. “Our goal was obviously to raise money but also reconnect with alumni and donors.”

Also helping out with contacting potential donors for the project was Director of Athletic Marketing NathanSeberg and Facilities Director and Women’s Soccer Coach Ryan Sander. Seberg was glad to see the new look of the stadium and is proud of what it looks like.

“I think we’re really excited about the look and feel of the new stadium,” Seberg said. “It highlights all the Blank Performing Arts Center renovations and BSC. I really feel we were able to kickoff something special with the 150th anniversary of the college.”

The construction of the fence started in mid-June when the old chain-link fence was taken out. In two days, senior Sampson Schnurman, with help from Seberg, a skid loader, and the football coaching staff took out the old fence, which had cement posts four feet into the ground that had to be dug up.

“The process was really easy,” Schnurman said. “Just pulling down all the chain link first then all I had to do was sit in a skid loader and watch Nate Seberg hook me up to the posts and pull them. Then loaded them on a trailer and took them away.”

Schnurman also approves the new look of the stadium.

“The new fence around the stadium looks great,” Schnurman said. “They did an amazing job putting it all up and making it look good. Also huge props to the Simpson grounds crew with helping take the fence out and moving things around to make the whole process run smoothly.”

This is just the first process for Buxton Stadium as plans for a new field and track surfaces are in the works for next spring. Once these are put in, the next phase will be an alumni/donor section in the northeast corner and a new press box.