FlipSide Face – Barb Overton


by Tara Maurer

Attention all athletes. Do you know Barb Overton?

Throughout her years at Simpson College, Barb Overton, athletic marketing assistant and assistant volleyball coach, has played a huge role in making Simpson Athletics what it is today.

From her help with the Wayne Carse Athletic Benefit – Simpson’s primary athletic fundraiser – to the existence of female athletics at Simpson, people are able to see Overton’s handiwork.

“My life has been a life of sports,” Overton said.

Overton’s position as an athletic marketing assistant is fairly new. For the past three years Overton has helped Simpson Athletics by selling ads and encouraging alumni and businesses in the community to give donations to the college.

Not only does Overton make money for the school’s athletics, but she is also responsible for its entire existence. During Overton’s first stint at Simpson she was the Director of Physical Education. With this, she helped set up many sports, including her favorite sport – volleyball.

Head Volleyball coach Lana Smith, who has known Overton for a total 22 years, had nothing but positive remarks about Overton.

“Barb is a very driven person,” Smith said. “She gave me the most valuable piece of advice about coaching, which is organization. She is also a dear friend.”

Overton’s organizational skills are noticed by all, including junior volleyball player Megan Dunlavy.

“Barb is always on top of things,” Dunlavy said. “Before a home tournament or summer camp, I swear she doesn’t sleep. She wants everything to be perfect. I don’t know how she does it all, but she never fails to amaze us.”