Floro and Ginger Know Best



Whether you are a new freshman dating your high school sweetheart or a senior who’s in a new relationship with a summer love, coming to college in a relationship is a whole new type of “homework.”

When you start to question your relationship, first ask yourself why you are having these mixed feelings in the first place. Did you just start to notice the hot guy in your chemistry lab and wish you were a little more single than you are? Or did the sweetest guy walk you back from the party last weekend, leaving you lonely and wishing you had a boyfriend here on campus? Honestly, it happens to the best of us.

You are going to meet plenty of good-looking guys in your classes, and even more sweet guys who are more than willing to “walk you home” from the party. What you have to ask yourself is if they are important enough to ditch your current boyfriend, who is obviously pretty important to you if you chose to stay together while you’re at school.

Be honest with yourself, and think about what you truly want. Is it suddenly occurring to you that you want to be single and prowl Simpson for attractive, available guys? If so, break the news to your boyfriend, put on your best push-up bra and warn the male population of Simpson that you’re open for business.

On the other hand, are you just missing your boyfriend and are thinking the convenience of an on-campus relationship sounds pretty good? Make sure that Mr. Sweetheart who walked you home is actually boyfriend material – and worth losing your current love over.

In a nutshell, my advice to you is to follow your heart. It’s easy to get caught up worrying about what your friends or others around you think and may pressure you to do, but the end of the day it is your life and your relationship. Go with what will make you happiest.


Dump him. You’re in college. Be single, it’s time to mingle. It is much easier to hit all four fraternities without having to text your high school sweetie in between. Starting college is hard enough so you don’t need the burden of a boyfriend. Trust me.

Everyone changes in college regardless of the distance between you. Let me give it to you straight: you are probably going to break up eventually. Truth hurts, and I’m honest. Take it from someone who knows that coming to college with a high school crush is nothing but work. Most women can attest – you leave your friends early just to get that 30-minute phone call, and when he’s ready to talk he’s mad that you’re out with friends. Does the question, “Wait, did I hear a guy’s voice?” sound familiar? I’ll break it down: Your main squeeze is overly jealous, which definitely screams unhealthy relationship.

If you are that hopeless romantic, go ahead and try and make it work. Good luck to you. Just remember: Men are like buses, if you miss the first one another one will come along soon. Go to a party, have some liquid confidence and ask someone sexy out. Embrace that walk of shame – or as I like to call it stride of pride – because we’ve all been there.

There is a whole sea of men at Simpson College. It may not be an attractive bunch, but they’re nice, and that’s what matters right? No, false. That’s when you start searching for hook ups at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. These are universities, not Simpson College, so no one will know who that girl is in the “shacker” shorts and heels.

So take my advice and get in touch with your wild side. Ditch your old-news boyfriend and find a new toy to play with, or several. Being single gives you the freedom to do whatever (or whomever) you want, wherever you want, so don’t limit yourself to just here at Simpson. With advice like that, how could you make the wrong choice?