FlipSide Face: Pat Tierney

FlipSide Face: Pat Tierney

by Katie Anthony

Who is that man behind Governor Chet Culvers camera you ask? Odds are it is Pat Tierney, senior here at Simpson College, and who has a full-time political photography job on top of his full-time course load.

If a full-time job and school work is not enough, Pat is also the president of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and participates in Religious Life Community, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is an avid intramurals participant.

Junior Travis Strehlow admires Tierney’s ability to balance such a hectic life, and still have time for a social life.

“Patrick Tierney is one of the hardest working Americans that I have ever met,” Strehlow said. “Not only is he the president of PRSSA, but on top of that he can handle an internship with the governor, school and still have enough free time to be well known on campus. Pat is a model of hard work and determination and will succeed greatly in anything life sends his way.”

While Tierney is constantly on the go, he still has his quirks like every other person.

“My biggest pet peeve is being late,” Tierney says. “And if I could write everything in Sharpie, I would. I also have a ritual of checking EPSN.com before anything else online, fail proof, every time.”

Regardless of these quirks, junior Becky Pietig admires his hard work.

“Pat is a really nice guy, and he is also really funny,” Pietig said. “I cannot believe how hard he worked on the PRSSA shirts.”

Senior Rachel Mooty agrees with Pietig.

“Pat is an extremely personable person and always a friendly face on campus,” Mooty said. “He is a very hard worker and all of his dedication will allow him to go far in life.”