Sports Management Club Sets Ambitious Goals, Aims High

by Ben Lucas

Simpson’s new Sports Management Club has a lot to offer for those looking to get involved in a different aspect of athletics.

Started earlier this year, the club hopes to eventually be a fundamental part of Simpson’s athletic experience by hosting activities, building attendance to sporting events, and helping its members learn and grow in the field of athletic management.

Matt Stone, a junior who founded the Sports Management Club, has been hard at work trying to get the new organization off its feet and has set ambitious goals.

“We are hoping to sponsor athletic events with certain types of promotions,” Stone said. “Ultimately, we want to drive students to games and build campus support. In coming years, I can see SMC as a vital athletic supporter and growing the number of students and fans at games through different types of promotions.”

Students set on building participation and school spirit can do wonders to help the college grow, and through a wide variety of activities both planned and yet-to-come the club will work on just that.

“Currently, we have a few events in mind,” Stone said. “We are planning to host a Chili Feed at the last home football game for parents and students as a start.”

However, despite the ambition of the new club, it is still young and has to deal with budget problems early on, though it is likely they will be working themselves out in the future.

“SGA did turn down our initial budget request,” Stone explained. “I think we had more or less a cross in our lines of communication. We hope to use SGA money to host different activities to increase campus support. We have some big plans and we really are in need of funding.”

It is also important to stress that the SMC is not just for those who have athletic-related majors.

“The club is open to anyone interested in working in any aspect of the Sports Industry,” Stone said. “We currently have sports administration, management, marketing and even a few communications majors, so we have a diverse crowd and should get more diverse with time.”

Junior B.J. Stokesbury knew that the SMC is a good way to network for the future.

“I joined the SMC because it was a good opportunity to be involved with Simpson Athletics and get to know fellow sports management students,” Stokesbury said. “After my summer internship with the Des Moines Menace (soccer team) I realized how important it is to have experience and contacts in any aspect of the business world. The SMC will help myself and other students gain experience and network with individuals working in the sports industry.”

Alex McCarty is also a junior who hopes to gain some experience from a variety of sources, including outside help from visitors to the school with practical experience in the real world of sports management.

“I hope we’re able to get some speakers to come talk to our group who can give us some good advice on how to get internships and jobs and share anything that would benefit us as sports administration majors,” McCarty said.

He also emphasized how new students or those looking to get involved in something different should give the club a try.

“If you’re interested in sports of any kind, or you want to help raise school spirit at athletic events, or even just want to be a part of a club that is fun and hard working, this club is for you,” McCarty said. “I think that we are going to have a lot of fun in the future once the wheels really get turning.”