Campus 411

Former Catholic Priest Speaks of Jail Time

Going to jail should be as common as going to work said a former Catholic priest at Wednesday night’s Forum event.

Frank Cordaro, co-founder of the Des Moines Catholic Worker Community and retired Catholic priest, is known as one of Iowa’s best-known civil disobeyers and peace-makers.

He identifies himself with Jesus, who he described as a “radical, non-violent revolutionary.” Cordaro believes that it is his duty as a citizen to contest issues such as the war in Iraq, nuclear power, U.S. foreign policies, and others in a non-violent manner.

By doing this, he has accumulated up to five years in jail, where he believes Christians are closest to the “people who are suffering.”

“We really need to go there,” Cordaro said. “It’s where the poor are at. It’s where you learn where our society is.”

The former priest said that going to jail should be an honor for Christians.

“I was never a better priest than when I was in jail,” Cordaro said. “I never prayed better than when I was in jail. I never felt I was closest to what God wanted me to do.”

Judicial Retention Panel Discussion

The conference room was filled on Tuesday evening, Oct. 19 as the judicial retention panel was sent into full swing.

Four panelists, two representing each side of the discussion, were seated at the front of the room as the moderator stood off the to side. Many scoffs and disagreeing mumbles were heard from the crowd – directed at both sides.

The issue at hand was pertaining to the Barnum case that was decided on April 3, 2010, which went on to allow same-sex marriage in Iowa.

Crime Log

Oct. 18: On Oct. 8, a student reported a sexual assault in an unknown location, and an unknown time. IPD was not contacted, however, the incident is still under investigation.