Beat the Reporter

by Gabe Gilson

Arkansas Razorbacks at Auburn Tigers

Reader’s Pick: Arkansas

“Two words, Ryan Mallett.” – Max Nguyen, Freshman

Reporter’s Pick: Auburn

Two more words, Cameron Newton. This dude playing quarterback is huge at 6’6″, 250 lbs., and what he has done on the field has also been huge for the undefeated Auburn Tigers. Auburn has beat the team that beat No. 1 Alabama and in that week, Newton passed for two scores and ran for three. This past week against Kentucky, Newton ran for 198 yards and four scores.

Texas Longhorns at Nebraska Huskers

Reader’s Pick: Huskers

“Texas has been struggling this year with two losses already against an average UCLA and Oklahoma team. Nebraska has been unstoppable after knocking off Washington and having a huge win against a previously undefeated Kansas State team.” – Ryan McNeal, Freshman

Reporter’s Pick: Texas

Mac Brown has never lost three straight games in his time as the Longhorns head coach and even though the Husker fans are going to hate me, it won’t happen this year as his team is fresh off a bye week and ready to roll into Lincoln to show its identity.

Iowa Hawkeyes at Michigan Wolverines

Reader’s Pick: Michigan

“Iowa will not be able to stop Denard Robinson. They have a solid run defense but when he drops back to pass, they won’t be able to contain him in the pocket and his abilities will open the defense up.” – Mark Cronin, Sophomore

Reporter’s Pick: Iowa

Denard Robinson is certainly a force, but against Michigan State, he struggled. Sure, Robinson looked tremendous against a down Connecticut team, a questionable Notre Dame team, and a couple others, but now into the Big Ten season facing defenses like the one Iowa has, his youth is sure to show.

Ohio State Buckeyes at Wisconsin Badgers

Reporter’s Pick: Ohio State

The Buckeyes are No. 1 for a reason and have not even had a close game yet. While it is a night game at Wisconsin and will be tough, look for Terrell Pryor to take over and continue making good decisions for a good team.

North Carolina Tar Heels at Virginia Cavaliers

Reporter’s Pick: North Carolina

This is the pick I have really struggled with as Virginia has looked good despite being 2-3, and North Carolina has looked and played in a mediocre way. The Tar Heels did pull out a win against a tough Clemson team who almost knocked off undefeated Auburn this past week and now have to travel to Virginia to take on the Cavaliers. I think North Carolina will stay hot and keep winning against a decent Virginia team.