Campus 411

Student harassed by impersonator

Sept. 25, 2010: In the 600 Block of N. Buxton, at the hour of 4:00 a.m.-4:45 a.m. there was a non-student arrested for false imprisonment, assault without injury, burglary of the 2nd degree, impersonation of a peace officer and theft of the 5th degree. Indianola Police Department has filed a report and was assisting, and the incident is currently under investigation.

According to the police report, Zachary Quick of Indianola admitted to identifying himself as an undercover Indianola Police Officer to two Simpson students, carrying an air-soft assault rifle at the time of the incident, and forcing one Simpson student to perform sobriety tests.

The police report also stated that after Quick escorted the Simpson student back to the ATO house, he took the student’s shirt. The report also said that Quick pointed the air-soft assault rifle at the student for several seconds before conveying that the rifle was actually not an authentic rifle.

Simpson Receives $4 Million Gift

At the celebration in honor of Simpson’s 150-year history, Simpson College President John Byrd surprised the audience full of students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members with the announcement of one of the largest gifts ever received by Simpson College. 

A $4 million donation was given to Simpson.

“No birthday party would be complete without a special gift,” Byrd said. “Yesterday, on the last day of Simpson’s 149th year, we received the single largest outright gift from a living donor in Simpson’s 150-year history.”

The name of the donor has not yet been released. However, according to Byrd, details will be given to the public later this week. The money will go toward the funds for the new campus center, and the college will break ground next spring.

Check out The Simpsonian next week for more details on this financial gift.

The Aftermath of a Good Party

Cupcakes, pictures, laughter, good music and one massive present—Simpson definitely knows how to throw a good party. 

Over 1,400 students, faculty, staff, community members, and alumni helped Simpson celebrate its 150th birthday last Friday, Sept. 24. 

“It’s exciting to actually be on campus, the place looks great and its fun to be participating in this way,” 1988 graduate and lead singer of The Sunny Humbucker band Thom Wright said.

Student representatives lowered the time capsule between the Gates in front of College Hall to traditional ringing bells intriguing the audience as the red and gold colors fluttered in the background.

“The time capsule is really neat to be a part of, and getting the whole Simpson community together is fun,” senior Sarah Silk said.