New Assistant Chaplain Arrives


by Sheyenne Manning

A new addition to Simpson Religious Life has brought excitement and positivity in the form of an assistant chaplain.

Stephanie Neve, a 2006 Simpson graduate, will be working as service coordinator and an assistant to the chaplain during the 2010-2011 school year.

“I swore in my junior year that my dream job was to come back to Simpson in some capacity, whether teaching or chaplaincy,” Neve said. “I’m trying to become a lifer. I don’t want to leave Simpson.”

The job duties of a service coordinator and assistant chaplain are very closely connected. Neve will be working with Megan Culbertson, chapel intern of service and mission, to keep the daily events of the chapel running smoothly as well as helping to coordinate a pre-ministry group with Jan Everhart, assistant professor of religion.

“(I’m) basically just trying to make sure the chapel is doing its part to be in service to the community,” Neve said.

Neve is not only an alumna of Simpson but also taught two sections of New Testament and one section of religious and philosophical foundations of the west last year.

“I think she can bring a familiar mind to the campus as far as her having an understanding of Religious Life at Simpson because of her knowledge and experience teaching here,” junior Cameron Scott said.

Neve hopes to get to know many of the students around campus throughout the school year. Neve stated that one of the perks of being a teacher was having students come into her office just to chat and that this is her “dream job.”

Scott believes her ability to reach out to the students is vital to her job position and hopes that it will happen.

“The chaplains are here to care for all members of the school,” Chaplain Fritz Wehrenberg said.

Wehrenberg and Neve will be working together to enrich the experience of Religious Life for the community.

“We hope to complement one another,” Wehrenberg said. “We will work together as we seek to find that balance.”

Wehrenberg hopes that with the balance between himself and Neve, all students will feel comfortable in Religious Life.

“I bring a different set of gifts and skills, so we really do complement each other,” said Wehrenberg. “Male, female. Older, younger. Simpson grad, and a non-Simpson grad. What it does is it provides a more complete mix in the chapel to care for students, faculty, staff and the administration.”

Since Neve found out that she and her husband are expecting, she has come to really appreciate the position.

“It’s nice to have what feels like a vocation or a career,” Neve said. “I would love to be here as long as it works out for me to be here.”

Neve describes her new job as “a whirlwind,” but truly loves the opportunities she has to care for the community.

“I think it’s the perfect position,” Neve said. “It gives me the opportunity to be with the students. I get to go out and be in the community working with people who are sometimes suffering.”

Neve is excited to be back on the Simpson campus and hopes to be of great service to the community.