Pat On The Back For New, Risky Idea

by Simpsonian Staff

The term liberal comes from the Latin word liberalis, which means freedom or relating to freedom. The word has a rich history with diverse meaning, and this alone only means that we need to break the word down even further.

The term can be separated even more into liber and alis. Liber is Latin adjective meaning unrestricted and unrestrained, or free.

What does this have to do with Simpson College?

As mentioned in the news article on page one, the college is entering talks of “spreading our educational wealth” to the Arizona area – and this seems like nothing but a great idea.

The opportunity for a liberal arts education in a smaller city area in Arizona will offer students there much of the opportunities that many of us have here in Indianola. Not to mention the opportunity for current Indianola-based Simpson students to travel there and study for a semester.

Even though the talks are only in the beginning stages, the staff of The Simpsonian would only like to encourage the planning and processes to continue as we see this as a great opportunity for Simpson.

Simpson has been delivering the best and brightest graduates into the world who have expertise in a variety of areas. Why not allow Simpson to extend its hand not into another part of the U.S.?

We say, “Go for it.”

A liberal arts education aims to encourage and enable truth-seeking critical thinkers to question questionable practices, to reform incorrect or unethical policies and to form an even better society and world than how it was found.

Let’s bring a little bit of Red and Gold to the Peoria, Ariz. area.

Outside of the east side of the Hillman Hall doors one can read the following: Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Simpson should offer that freedom through its educational opportunities outside of the Midwest – let’s move south.