Floro and Ginger Know Best


Should I go risque or conservative for Halloween?


Is this even a question? It’s the one day a year you can dress risqué and get away with it. I say the less you wear, the better. It’s time to show off your goodies, and strut your stuff. Men go wild over a sexy nurse, maid, or police officer costume.

Slut-o-ween is not about jokes and candy. It is about pick-up lines and hopefully getting a different kind of “sweet treat.” Put on that naughty costume you picked up at the Adult Superstore – if you want. You are sure to have guys and girls turning heads to check you out. Most outfits won’t have pockets so stuff your phone between your lady bits.

Due to fall break, we won’t be able to go to any of the Halloween parties at Simpson. Not to worry, though, I have an even better alternative. Go off campus, dress skanky, and party hard – because you will never see those people again. Ladies, it is the only night it is acceptable to sleep with a man in make-up. I repeat, the ONLY night.

If you decide that you don’t want to expose as much skin as possible, at least show some creativity. Try going as Sarah Palin, she is a very conservative lady but still is willing to show off those long legs. If you haven’t seen them, check them out on the cover of Newsweek on Nov. 23, 2009.

You don’t have to show your butt cheeks to go home with that special someone. Homemade costume are always a hit, and you will know that they fit you right. What better way to show off your goodies?

Just because you dress whore-ish for a holiday, doesn’t mean you’re a slut the 364 other days of the year. On the other hand, if you actually are promiscuous everyone at Simpson probably already knows you’re easy, so Halloween is no exception. But hey, I’m not judging!


Oh, Halloween. The one time of the year where girls can walk around in nothing but lingerie and get away with it – well, besides the fact that you may receive some major judgment from the girl in the “sexy devil” costume who you are partners with in economics class.

When it comes to picking a Halloween costume in college, it seems like every girl has about the same idea: Pick the honorable career of your choice and then dress up as risqué as possible for that occupation! Every Halloween party you go to will have at least one – and usually multiple – dirty police officers, skirt-wearing referees, sexy construction workers and of course the naughty army soliders.

On Oct. 31 of your freshman year of college, everything changes. Halloween is no longer the cute, princess-wearing costume contest we all used to know and love. Girls have now traded in their full-length witch costumes from the sixth grade for a matching set of black, lacy panties and a push up bra.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with showing your wild side for a night and feeling a little sexy! I will say, however, to keep in mind where you are. This is Simpson, and I think we can all agree that you tend to see a lot of familiar faces from your classes when you are out partying on the weekends – or weeknights, whatever.

So when deciding on a costume this Halloween, try to go for originality rather than which costume shows the most cleavage. Try getting together with a group of your friends and planning a fun costume together. You can still be sexy without displaying yourself in your undergarments. I promise, you that if you come up with a sexy, creative costume you will look 10 times better than any naughty army solider at the party.