FlipSide Face: Kurt Gocken


by Tara Maurer

PC Technician and Network Administrator Kurt Gocken – aka the Microsoft guy – can do it all. From making sure students can access Simpson’s network to keeping computers virus-free, Gocken’s job is far reaching and requires a lot of problem solving.

“Everything is fixable. It just depends on how far you have to go to fix it,” Gocken said. “The hardest part is the responsibility. I’m responsible for fixing [computers] no matter what or how difficult the issue is.”

While Gocken’s work varies daily, his six and a half years at Simpson have primarily been spent with faculty, staff and Simpson owned computers.

“I love fixing things,” Gocken said. “There is a certain satisfaction you get after fixing difficult [computers]. Also, I get to meet a lot of people. I can talk to a professor in biology down to a freshman in college. It keeps it interesting.”

Gocken’s work for Simpson doesn’t go unnoticed. Junior Nick Campbell, who has a work study job with Gocken, said the best way to describe Gocken is “unique.”

“It is rare to meet someone who works this hard to keep things running,” Campbell said. “All the while, he will sit there and joke around with you.”

Sophomore Thomas Eaton, who also has a work study job with Gocken, agreed.

“Kurt is a very fun person to work with,” Eaton said. “He is rather laid back and enjoys a good laugh on a daily basis but is also one of the most serious and committed people I’ve met working at Simpson.”

Other phrases used to describe Gocken were family-oriented and multi-tasker.

Although Gocken keeps the day going with his humor, Gocken’s most memorable moment working at Simpson involved his return to Simpson after a few days of vacation.

“The most memorable moment would be when I came back from a couple days of vacation and they (co-workers) had decorated my office in Apple/Mac memorabilia,” Gocken said.

However, Gocken is plotting revenge.

“Now the joke is that since the Mac guy is moving offices, I’m going to paint his office Microsoft blue and have a doorbell so when he walks in it will play a Windows chime.”