Behind the Performer – Meghan Vosberg


by Ellie Haugen

What is your hometown?

Spencer, Iowa

What is your major?

Theatre major, Communications Journalism minor.

I want to try to double major.

What is your future ambition?

My dream job is to be a radio or television news broadcaster, but I would love to do anything in the communications and theatre field.

What is your favorite class this semester?

I like them all. How could I not love classes where I get opportunities that range from holding a sea anenomea to geeking out about Greek mythology and other classes in between.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Chewing with your mouth open and people who tell other people to be quiet by making shhing noises and just end up being noisier than the original noise.

What is your favorite book?

The Harry Potter series for sure. When the movie series ends – there goes my childhood.

What is your ideal date?

I don’t know. I’d be perfectly happy with going to the movie theatre and sharing a tub of buttery popcorn.

What are your favorite colors?

Purple and blue

Who are your role models?

My mother and grandmother.