A New DVD Kiosk Is Not a Necessary Item

by Simpsonian Staff

Simpson students: Have you ever had trouble renting a movie in Indianola? We didn’t think so.

Everyone knows that SGA has a massive operating budget that currently sits around $44,000 and it is looking for constructive ways to spend the money. One thing it now seems to think students are in desperate need of is a DVD kiosk similar to Redbox on campus.

By our count, Indianola is currently home to four different Redbox machines at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee and McDonald’s.

Generally, when students run to a Redbox they usually are getting groceries or picking up a quick meal as well. The company counts on the fact that when you walk out those doors after getting some tasty fries you are more than likely going to pick up a movie as well.

Family Video is also available in Indianola, bringing the count of rental options students have up to five. The store has a much wider variety of movies at any time than a Redbox would, and also rents video games.

One reason for putting a DVD kiosk on campus is so that students without cars could easily rent movies. Most students living on campus have at least one friend that is always willing to drive if a friend does not have a car.

Another concern is students’ safety while driving back and forth during the winter months. While this is an issue, it seems that if a student is not willing to drive off-campus during a blizzard, they probably are not going to walk across campus either.

With the Brenton Student Center getting a makeover, where will the kiosk go? In front of the library? Outside of College Hall? A DVD kiosk placed anywhere in the central campus is going to look out of place and possibly unsightly.

Campus improvements need to be made, but at least wait for the new campus center to be completed before buying things that should go in it.