Leadership Sessions to Teach New Skills

Leadership Sessions to Teach New Skills

by Hanna Russmann & Tiffany VanVolkinburg

A new interactive forum has found its way to campus, and the Lunch and Lead series will aim to help students more than ever.

“This program helps students develop their leadership ‘tool kit,'” said Bobby Nalean, center for vocation and integrative learning (CVIL) leadership coordinator. “That is the sort of language I have been using to talk about it. Students can develop these skills and really have them at their disposal, just like a tool from a toolbox. This program helps students put some leadership skills in their tool kit so to speak.”

Each of the presenters volunteered to speak on skills they have a personal experience with and regularly speak about.

“I reached out to colleagues and people responded that they were interested in presenting and it was a chance for them to meet with students,” Nalean said.

Nalean encourages students to contact him about skills they would like to see the forum event to present on that are not already listed.

Assistant Director of the Hawley Academic Resource Center Kara May was the first presenter who talked about her personal experience with time management.

“We talked about time management as a leadership skill or a life skill that people can develop,” May said. “We decided on time management because I personally think it is a hugely important skill that everyone needs to learn to develop. It is not something that you just use in college, it is something you use your whole life.”

May likes the idea of Lunch and Lead and its purpose because she likes being able to get involved with students in this manner.

“I love being able to talk to students in a more casual environment and get to hear their thoughts and ideas,” May said. “Any of my sessions that I do, I always open it up at the end to get feedback. Did you love it? Did you hate it? Would you do it? I love the feedback. Sometimes I adapt my programs based on the feedback.”

Senior Jan Spreitzenbarth said that May’s presentation on time management was very helpful.

“I think Kara did a good job at giving us materials that we can use and also giving us examples,” Spreitzenbarth said. “We talked about goal setting, and I set myself the goal of running a marathon in five years.”

The remaining four Lunch and Lead sessions will occur next semester with the first being presented on Jan. 18 at 12:30 p.m. in Barker Hall lounge with Darcie Sprouse; she will speak on personal mission statements.