Beat the Reporter

by Gabe Gilson

Iowa State at Colorado

Reader’s Pick: Iowa State

“Iowa State has won the two of the their last three against quality competition including a road victory at Texas and an overtime loss against No. 7 Nebraska. Colorado hasn’t won a conference game yet. State has the mojo and should win easy even though it is on the road.” – Paul Scaletta, Senior

Reporter’s Pick: Iowa State

The Cyclones looked really good coming back from a 14 point deficit in the fourth quarter to force overtime in a game they should have won against Nebraska and now face a potential downfall in an inferior opponent. Bowl eligibilty will be on the line for the Cyclones in Boulder and I look for them to come out strong against the Buffaloes and get the win.

Iowa at Northwestern

Reader’s Pick: Northwestern

“Northwestern always plays the Hawkeyes tough. They beat them in Iowa [City] last year. This year they have to play Northwestern, which is a tough place to play. Iowa is pretty good at playing to the level of their competition and I think that Northwestern will take advantage of that. Plus, after coming to school here for three years, I have a strong disliking for the Iowa Hawkeyes, and love to see them lose.” – Logan Woster, Junior

Reporter’s Pick: Iowa

The Hawkeyes are hot and despite the loss to Wisconsin by a point, have done very well all season sitting at 7-2. They need this win, a win at home against Ohio State, and a gimmie at Minnesota to be considered for a BCS game. Don’t think for an instant that Kirk is overlooking the Wildcats who crushed Ricky Stanzi last year and sent him into the locker room early. The Hawkeyes will win.

USC at Arizona

Reader’s Pick: Arizona

“USC has been having a down year plus they have issues of a new coach and losing scholarships, so I feel Arizona will get a down USC team by three. Plus Arizona beat a very solid Iowa team.” – Cameron Parker, Sophomore

Reporter’s Pick: Arizona

The bowl game for the Trojans was supposed to come a couple of weeks back in a 21 point loss to Oregon. This game, however, will have Rose Bowl implications on the line, for the Wildcats anyways. They are solid all around and will beat the already battered Trojans.

Oklahoma State at Texas

Reader’s Pick: OSU

“I just think due to the fact that Texas seems to be going on a downward spiral. Losing to Iowa State, Baylor, Oklahoma and now just coming off a loss to K-State. I feel Oklahoma State has more momentum coming into this game after their convincing win over Baylor.” -Brent Dahlstrom, Freshman

Reporter’s Pick: Texas

The 4-5 Longhorns have three more chances to get to six wins and bowl eligibilty. The last time they came up in a pick was against Nebraska as I picked them to win, and they did. Even though they are struggling, I can’t bet against Mack Brown, especially at home. The Longhorns find a way, and squeak out a win here.

Florida at South Carolina

Reporter’s Pick: South Carolina

South Carolina has done well all year despite getting smacked around by Arkansas their previous weekend. Even though Florida is back in the rankings after losing two straight, they will lose.