Why Interim Registrar Is Falling Short


by Gabe Gilson

It seems as though whenever a perspectives piece is written in the Simp, more often than not the writer is complaining about some aspect of the college that they wish were different. I would love to break the current trend, however it would be too easy not to.

There are many different administrative offices that have been overly helpful during my tenure at Simpson. For instance, every time I’ve gone into the business office to take care of a payment, they have helped out, told me what I needed to do, been more than respectful, and put the problem to rest. Thank you business office.

Every time I’ve gone to Career Services for help with a resume or figuring out internship requirements, they have been more than helpful telling me what I needed to do and also extremely respectful of my wants and wishes. Thank you Career Services.

The same goes for the mailroom, the library, and almost every other single office on campus. Almost being the key word.

In years past, registering for classes has never been an issue for me. This year it became a process. Without realizing that if a student misses their week to register (seniors have a week, then juniors and so on) I missed my week and tried registering the following week. Au contraire. I had to wait an entire month after every freshman had already registered, just so I could get into my senior level classes.

Usually, this would not be an issue whatsoever, but the way it was handled was rather bothersome. Without going into too much detail, I felt as if I was treated in a very disrespectful manner when asking why this was. The department as a whole has the same respectful and nice people working in it that it has the last few years while I was registering, all except for one newer person, the interim registrar.

It is very understandable by me that there should be standards in graduation requirements, major/minor class requirements, as well as signing up for classes. I think that this office has begun to take their job far too seriously, partially due to the fact that there is a new person who has created these rules.

Another reason I am under this current belief is due to the fact that a normal office has become a place of tension every time I have recently set foot in there with new rules, guidelines, and regulations.

It’s fair to say the average student is stressed enough during college; and then we have to sign up for classes, which is a confusing process. When to take what class can be really confusing, especially when a student is unsure about what major and minor they may want to do.

Luckily for underclassmen, the interim registrar is just that, a person of interim status. Hopefully this problem will be solved soon and signing up for classes will be less of a process for future students.