Yo Mama So Ugly…


by Michelle Zimmerman

“…Not even goldfish crackers smile back at her.”

That may be an example of the kind of jokes heard throughout Brenton Student Center on Dec. 2 at 8 p.m. when the comedians of Simpson battle off to be the funniest person on campus.

Members of Lambda Chi Alpha plan to give the college’s funniest people the chance to compete to be the “last comic standing.”

“The idea was developed by fellow Lambda Chi Alpha sophomore Bobby Dennis last year, and a few months ago he brought the idea to me and we began working on setting it up,” sophomore Dustin McNulty said. “We know that many Simpson students consider themselves to be comedians and want to give them a chance to test their comedic skills.”

The members of Lambda Chi Alpha are now accepting applications for the show.

“The show itself will run fairly simply,” McNulty said. “Each participant will have a chance to go through their material in any format they choose. We are allowing contestants virtual free reign for their acts provided they stay within their time limit. Once all contestants have had a chance to perform, the judges will deliberate and select a winner.”

The idea came from NBC’s hit show “Last Comic Standing.”

“[Simpson’s show is] similar [because] we will have judges, [and] judges have the ultimate say, and it will lead to a prize,” said junior Lambda Chi Alpha member Paul Privitera. “[It will be] different [because] bits will be a little bit longer than what was on TV and acts may be a little more than just stand-up.”

Lambda has not selected judges yet, but certain characteristics are a must in order to be up for consideration.

“At this time we have not finalized our judge selections, although the panel will be made up of Simpson faculty and staff who have good taste in humor and can take a joke,” McNulty said.

The show will be hosted by Lambda’s senior David Turner and sophomore Ken Jaeger.

“[Students should come] to laugh because laughter makes even the worst days seem alright,” Privitera said.

The developers of this contest are hoping students come out to support their fellow comedians.

“We certainly hope that students will want to attend to see their classmates show off their comedic talent, or lack thereof,” McNulty said. “I know several of the students who have expressed their interest in competing have good material ready to draw on and can promise an entertaining showing.”

Students on campus are excited for the new event.

“I think it is something that will be really fun to go to and we’ll have a good time,” Junior Kayla Willems said.