SAAC Wants Stronger Voice in IIAC Conference

by Ben Lucas

Leadership and advisory roles are plentiful at Simpson, and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is working just as hard as anyone.

The SAAC is the body responsible for a variety of decisions in regard to athletic policies at Simpson. It reviews and interprets the way in which athletic legislation will affect Simpson students and takes part in some of the administrative organization in the NCAA.

Elizabeth Curry, the faculty adviser to the SAAC, will be helping to oversee several of the important decisions and activities in the upcoming year.

“In the upcoming meeting, SAAC members will discuss the current Division III proposed legislation that will be voted on in January 2011 to provide a voice from Simpson College student-athletes at both the IIAC Conference and the NCAA national levels,” Curry said. “SAAC is also looking to work with a variety of outside organizations to do some community and college outreach programs.”

Those representing each sport in the organization get valuable real-world experience that can help either a career in athletics or other aspirations they might have that involve the ability to lead or manage.

“For those who have served as SAAC representatives and executive council it provides leadership opportunities and experience as well as an insight to how collegiate athletics are administered and how the ‘big picture’ works, which is especially valuable if they are pursuing a career in athletics,” Curry said.

Amy Hamilton, a senior serving as co-president of the organization, is hoping for the SAAC to really make a marked difference in years to come.

“This year we hope to become a more prominent committee in the IIAC conference, and hopefully have more of a voice in NCAA processes and legislation for Division III athletics,” Hamilton said. “This will help Simpson athletics be recognized as more of a leader for our conference from a whole new perspective.”

Senior Lexie Hagerty, co-president of the organization, describes the requirements to become a representative of the SAAC.

“Representatives have to be on an official varsity roster and attend Simpson College for at least one year, junior or senior status,” Hagerty said. “Each (representative) is nominated by Simpson College varsity coaches.”

Hamilton feels as if the program has seen a particular boost of energy and potential in recent years.

“We hope to improve this program even more this year and make it more involving and more fun,” Hamilton said. “This year we are looking into other activities to get involved in, such as a blood drive, a food bank service and more community outreach to promote a more positive student-athlete image for our school.”