Senioritis Has Kicked In, Will Wait for Diploma at Bar

Senioritis Has Kicked In, Will Wait for Diploma at Bar

by Ryan Franker

They never said becoming a senior was very easy. I am juggling an internship on top of nine credit hours, work-study and extracurricular activities that are basically resume boosters.

This semester has been the one where I just don’t care about doing my homework and projects in a timely fashion. I am on my way to graduating in May, and I just want to live it up for the last semester I have with the friends I have made throughout my four years at Simpson.

Seniors: We only have a short four and half months left with the people we have known and had fun with all four years, and it is time for you all to get off your asses and make your way to the bar.

We don’t have time to sit around and worry about whether or not we get an A on this test or what not, because in the end you will most likely know everything that is on the test. You have learned it in previous classes and the professors are only testing you to make sure you do know those specific terms because it could help you one day.

I have already completed my Writing Competency II. I am finishing up my final classes in my majors, and now all I have to do is wait for the diploma. But who said I couldn’t do my waiting at the bar?

Make your way to bars that have become home to many like myself. I am not saying you need to go out every night and drink until you throw up, but go out and have fun. Why finish up your final semester with your nose in your book? Go out on a weeknight and play pool, it is free on those nights. Life is short.