Floro and Ginger Know Best


by Erin Floro & Julia Robinson

How do I survive my parents for three weeks?

Christmas vacation is only a week away and although we’re all dying for a break from the dorms, apartments, friends and most of all schoolwork, we are also all wondering how we’re going to survive at home for almost an entire month.

Heading home to rules, chores and parental advice doesn’t sound very “fun,” but with a little advice from us you will be able to make your time at home the best it can be.

Alright, so the first thing to remember is that you’re back in your good ‘ol, comfy bed at home – not your college bed where you can bring home whoever you want any night of the week. We’re talking spooning with your body pillow for three weeks plus.

Start preparing yourself for this now, because it may be a change for many of you. We don’t think your parents are going to be as accepting as your college roommates when you bring home a random hook-up on thirsty Thursday.

So make sure to think about dear old mom and dad while you’re out at night to avoid an awkward morning at the breakfast table.

If you can’t make it through break without a little action, not to worry, we have a few suggestions for places you can go to get the job done.

First, and most obvious, is your car. Bundle up and hit a snow bank, just remember to wear a glove(s) or no love.

As a last resort, head back to your high school stomping grounds and revisit the 50-yard line. But don’t forget: Santa’s watching and taking notes on whether you’re naughty or nice.

Next item of concern: weekend social life. Depending on how cool your parents are, going out and partying may or may not become an issue. And with Christmas and New Years taking place over break there is sure to be plenty of holiday parties going on.

Basically, you’re either going to have a free designated driver whenever you need it, or you’re going to be stuck at home sipping on pop and water – probably watching Christmas movies by yourself. Get up, go out and have some fun while you’re at home.

Another big problem you might run into when you get back home is your parents nagging you to do chores. This may be extremely annoying to you if you haven’t picked up after yourself since you’ve been at college.

Sound familiar? We thought it might.

If you aren’t the tidiest person in the world just do your best to clean up after yourself while you’re home.

You aren’t going to be able to let your dirty clothes pile up to the ceiling like usual, at least without making Mom mad, so unless you want to hear about it, pick up after yourself.

One of the biggest things you’re probably dreading about living with your parents over break is the typical phrases all of our parents love to say over and over and over again.

For example, “well, you’re under our roof now.” Or, “don’t you think it’s about time for bed?” Or our personal favorite, “because I said so.” As soon as you hear any of these words take a deep breath, count to ten and remember they have the Christmas presents.

At this point you’ll probably be missing Simpson, but don’t worry – you’ll be back to college and freedom in no time.