Directory Reveals that Scary Student ID Photo

by Simpsonian Staff

A new stalking tool has become available for Simpson students, faculty and staff: the Simpson Directory.

If you have not checked it out yet, “Simpbook” gives you all kinds of juicy information about everybody on campus, and we mean everyone. You can find out what that staff member actually does at Simpson, and what your professor’s office phone number is.

Can’t figure out the name of the cutie sitting next to you in your class? Just type their first name in and a list of possibilities will pop up. You can even see everyone’s major or minor, adviser, mailbox number and even when they’re supposed to graduate.

We think this is a great addition to campus because it makes it easier to get in contact with the professors and staff members you need to. Sure, you can find all of this on the Simpson website, but it takes so much longer to go through all of the departments and find exactly who you’re looking for.

Simpbook can also help when you need to e-mail a group member about a project you have been working on. Sometimes you may not remember exactly who they are since you have only known each other for one or two class periods, and the directory will help you figure out how to contact them.

And let’s be honest. What does everyone use Facebook for? Stalking people. What’s going to be the biggest use of the directory? Stalking people’s student ID card photos. We’ve all looked at our own photos – if you stop by The Simpsonian lab in McNeill you can see the editing staff posted on the wall – who doesn’t want to see everyone else?

We’d like to thank Information Services for giving us one more way to figure out who that person we saw walking across campus is, and helping us figure out how to contact our deadbeat group member. Outside of all the silly things we’ve mentioned, we definitely think the Campus Directory will help students, staff and faculty come together as a community.