FlipSide Face – Lauren LaFauci


by Tara Maurer

As a new faculty member, Assistant Professor of English Lauren LaFauci has already impacted both students and faculty.

LaFauci is “energetic” and “exciting,” David Wolf, associate professor of English and chair of the English department, said.

“We (faculty and students) value her fascinating work in early American literary study with its eco- and environmental critical focus,” Wolf said.

LaFauci is excited to add her interests to Simpson’s curriculum.

“I like the flexibility of the curriculum,” LaFauci said. “There seems to be a lot of courses I could develop and offer here, and the English department at the school is very open to me doing that.”

“It is clear that Dr. LaFauci will bring a highly engaging array of course offerings to the college,” Wolf said. “We should all look forward to her illuminating and inspiring presence on campus.”

LaFauci is able to connect with students and make them feel comfortable around her.

“[LaFauci] has a genuine interest in all her students, and you can tell she puts her heart into what she teaches,” junior Rachel Smith said.

LaFauci’s ability to relate to students may come from her own experiences in college. Specifically, LaFauci identifies with students who are unsure of their major, because she initially experienced this same problem.

“I was kind of floating all around,” LaFauci said.

However, LaFauci met a professor during a literature and environment class who guided her in the right direction.

“I didn’t realize that you could combine literature and science in that way, and the possibility to do that was opened up to me by this professor,” LaFauci said. “It let me combine all of my interests in one.”

LaFauci encourages everyone to take English classes because they “hone your skills of reading, writing and organizing thought.”

Before arriving at Simpson, LaFauci taught at the University of Mainz in Germany, Notre Dame De Namur in California and Stanford University.