Procrastination at its finest’ for many seniors


by Amy Johnson

I’m finally a senior at Simpson College, and I never thought I’d see the day come. It never registered that I would eventually have to graduate and figure out my next step. It sounds pretty exciting – except for the fact that senioritis has hit me way too early in my last semester. Silly mistakes keep making their way into my daily life, and they may be the reason things are going downhill.

Stupid mistake number one – I turned 21. Not that I had much control over it, but still. After a tough day, or a boring day, or a happy day, what sounds better than going to the bar and having a couple of drinks with a few good friends? A couple turns into staying out until closing time and wondering why it is so tough to stay awake the next day in class.

Stupid mistake number two – bringing the Wii to college. I’m not a gamer. The only game I really like to play is MarioKart. However, my two roommates and I find that we schedule out our homework breaks around the game. It’s much more fun to throw mushrooms at Koopa Troopa than to read about history. Besides, I was never allowed to play our Nintendo growing up. I’m just getting in the games I missed during my childhood.

Stupid mistake number three – owning a television. Jersey Shore is back with full force for another eventful season of fist pumping. The Bachelor has a contestant with fangs who made it past the last two rose ceremonies. My parents got me Criminal Minds – Season 2 for my birthday. Even The Biggest Loser has been brought to my attention, and I find myself watching. If only there weren’t so many shows that interrupted my study habits.

Stupid mistake number four – Facebook. It is easy to delete the account or even suspend it for a while, but what would happen if I did that and something changed? Maybe another girl from my high school got pregnant, or that happily engaged couple had a falling out. I’d have to rely on word of mouth to let me know, and that just isn’t quite as easy.

Procrastination at its finest. I figure as long as the homework and reading gets done, it doesn’t matter what time I get to bed. It’s my last semester at Simpson College, and my best friends and I have much different plans for what lies ahead of us after college. Live it up now. When I’m 45 with kids and a full-time job, I’m going to love looking back on this time of fun.