Look past obstacles for new campus center

by Simpsonian Staff

For a while now Simpson students have been hearing about the Kent Campus Center and the perks that may (or may not) be coming to future students with it.

Only now, however, it’s finally time to address questions that need to be answered. Some of these questions concern student and food services along with offices.

Where will students be getting their mail? Where will students get their books and high fashion Simpson apparel? According to some Simpson officials, modular buildings may be the new home to these important entities.

But hey, at this point, bring on the necessary evils.

Those maps you received as a freshman that showed you where each office was on campus will be no help to you next year, and the Admissions Office should request to make new ones.

Or they can just keep the old maps and add a whole bunch of arrows coming out of the Brenton Student Center pointing to the general direction of where the offices may be.

Poor incoming freshmen. They aren’t going to know what hit them.

In all seriousness, the Kent Campus Center is a much-needed building and something that will be appreciated for years to come. That being said, the time leading up to the completion of the project will just be challenging.

Students—keep your eye on the prize. When you get frustrated walking that extra half block or so to get to that (hypothetical) modular building, just remember that you’re getting a bigger, better campus center—one that you’ll actually want to spend time in.

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, so put your frustrations aside, walk that extra length with your head held high, and be thankful that we’re getting a new campus center—finally.