Beat the Reporter

by Gabe Gilson

Missouri at Texas

Reader’s Pick: Texas

“Even though the game is going to be at Texas, I still think that Missouri is going to come out with a win. They score points, which is something that Texas has been struggling with lately. Missouri will come into the game well prepared to take them down.” – Jon Boss, Junior

Reporter’s Pick: Missouri

After making Iowa State look like a high school team this weekend, it would be hard not to go with Missouri indeed. However, Texas beat Kansas. The undefeated, second ranked Jayhawks went down via the Longhorns. Should be a fun game to watch but I expect Texas to get the win at home.

Georgetown at Villanova

Reader’s Pick: Villanova

“Villanova has been playing very well down the stretch and is always tough to beat at home. They will pull away no problem.” – Paul Scaletta, Senior

Reporter’s Pick: Villanova

Right now, Villanova is one of the hottest teams in the country and would be hard for anybody to stop, including a Georgetown team that has been up and down all year. Look for the Corey’s, Fisher and Stokes to run away with this one in Philadelphia.

Kansas State at Kansas

Reader’s Pick: Kansas

“Kansas has the Morris twins and with the interior presence they will be hard to beat. Kansas State has been way too sketchy and they need a strong win, but it won’t be coming against rival Kansas.” – Scott Blum, Junior

Reporter’s Pick: Kansas

Looking at this game earlier in the year, one might have expected a matchup of two top five teams going head-to-head. Now, Kansas State is an average Big 12 team that is somewhat disappointing. It doesn’t really matter where this game would be played, the Jayhawks will win.

Minnesota at Purdue

Reader’s Pick: Purdue

“Well Purdue had a really good recruiting class a few years back and Minnesota had a close game against Iowa who isn’t very good this year. I expect Purdue to play well enough to win.” – Vinni Smith, Senior

Reporter’s Pick: Purdue

Aside from Kansas vs. Texas, this may be one of the most exciting games to watch Saturday. Both teams are good and could be 2-3 seeds come March. I’m have to go with Purdue on this one though as the game will be palyed on that goofy court in Indiana where the Boilermakers hav been good this year.