No Strings Attached’ offers laughs


by Michelle Zimmerman

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher took over the big screen as an out of the ordinary duo this weekend in the romantic comedy “No Strings Attached.”

This is the perfect choice for college students looking for a comical love story to entertain themselves. Both guys and girls will find the movie quite funny; it’s perfect for a date night or a girl’s night out.

Emma (Portman) is in the process of getting her residency at a local hospital. In other words, she doesn’t have time for all the attachments that come along with a relationship, and she does not the heart for it.

Adam (Kutcher) is an assistant on a high school – based television show, but he’s hoping to become a writer someday. He knew Emma from a summer camp when they were younger and had since had a few run-ins with her.

When Adam and Emma meet again as adults they rekindle that old, odd connection and develop it into a hot, steamy, complicated, sexual whatever you want to call it (whatever it is – they are not “together”).

The title of the movie and its R rating are there for a reason. There are plenty of scenes that get rather graphic and detailed, but what do you expect when there are no strings attached?

Most open relationships don’t end up staying open; almost always one person begins to start feeling something more. That’s usually when things get a little sticky.

The same is true for this movie as feelings start to get deeper and so does the denial of a few characters. Who couldn’t see that coming?

As the strings begin to attach they are completely cut off, bringing the movie to a slow standstill.

With all the intense emotions flowing through the air, the writers include a few appearances and quirky jokes. Ludacris plays the role of Adam’s best friend who can’t believe how lucky Adam is to have this type of set-up.

There are quite a few must see moments including a drunken night that ends with Adam naked on a couch in a house with a few faces he does not recognize. Did Adam sleep with the man of the house?

Adam is good at getting himself into a few interesting situations that leave him confused or injured, but Emma seems to always be there to whisk him to safety. In actuality, maybe Emma is the one who needs to be saved, and Adam gives his best fight to help her see what could be.

But what does Emma do? Does she take a chance and have a “real” relationship with Adam or does she leave him in the dust to avoid feeling something real?

If that doesn’t leave you wanting to go to the movie, remember this – Kutcher’s bare bum is on display. Make sure you wait to refill the popcorn until after this scene.