Recognize limits, choose the less traveled road


by Zach James

Sometimes being out of the norm can save you from how you are as a person. Believing in something that the minority believes in can be challenging, even excruciating at times. So why do I feel like not only am I a minority, but also the only one against this specific issue?

Partying is a way of life on any campus you walk upon. It’s just how it is. No matter how many times the people who are against it try to get away from it, the shadow always seems to linger around them.

I am against partying, and more specifically, I am against getting drunk.

The idea of how students like to enjoy themselves on weekend nights is annoying. It doesn’t take a whole night with a 36 pack, blaring your subwoofers so loud you can’t even think, and not remembering what you did the night before to have a good time.

Maybe going out, if you are of age, and having one drink is perfectly acceptable. For you underclassmen who are too young, a night out of “partying” should consist of maybe a movie and something else.

Maybe some find that I’m too old-fashioned since I come to the conclusion that I don’t find it necessary to consume tons of alcohol to have a good time. (That, and I realize my 110-pound body can’t take a large amount of alcohol, either.) Alcohol just doesn’t seem to be the focus of me having trying to enjoy myself and get the best out of life. I would rather be hanging out with those who respect my disdain of partying than finding pyramids of beer cans encompassing my apartment.

I turn 21 next week. That does not mean the party animal in me will come out. It does not give me the outright privilege to go out and drink every weekend away. I will continue to avoid the party scene and remain the responsible individual I have committed myself to being as I officially start my adulthood.

Let me make something clear.

Although I am against partying, I am not straight-edged. I will likely have a drink in solitary, but just because I am becoming of age will not mean I will drink until I can’t remember where I have been all night. The party scene just won’t involve me with a red Solo cup in my hand. I can enjoy myself without the hassle of being around a few weekend beverages.

Living a college lifestyle is important for a rich experience at this level. Personally, excessive amounts of alcohol just won’t be a part of my lifestyle. If it is a part of yours, I hope you have a good time, but balance it by being smart. College is meant for all of us to have a good time. For this new adult, alcohol is out of bounds.