Simpson pair on board with ‘Vote Yes’

by Jay & Sharon Wilkinson

As members of the Simpson community and strong supporters of the proposed YMCA, we would like to join others in encouraging all Indianola residents to vote in favor of the project on March 1.

A recreational facility of this caliber can only enhance the quality of life in Indianola and increase the opportunities, both athletic and academic, for Simpson students.

When our family moved to Indianola five years ago, one of the amenities that we missed most from our previous town was its newly constructed recreation center. That facility, too, was somewhat controversial in its planning stages, but it turned out to be a highly effective recruiting tool for the university there, as well as a source of pride and well being for the community. Even people who were skeptical at the outset could not imagine the community without the center, once it was in place.

A YMCA in Indianola will most certainly have the same impact. It will serve as a strong selling point for prospective students, faculty, and staff at Simpson, as well as for other potential residents and businesses who are considering a move to the area.

It will provide mutually beneficial opportunities for the Simpson and Indianola communities to interact through fitness activities, internships, and other academic and professional projects. And most of all, it will offer outstanding recreation and competition facilities to be enjoyed by all.

The best part is that no increase in taxes will be necessary in order to finance this project. It is truly a win-win situation. We urge others to vote “yes” on March 1 and share in the pride and enjoyment that the proposed YMCA will bring to Simpson and Indianola.