FlipSide Face – Justin Brown


by Julia Robinson

Justin Brown, a 27-year-old California native, will be moving to Iowa this summer to teach at Simpson in the fall. He is currently a student himself, finishing graduate school, and has high hopes for the biology program here.

“When I had my visit and I got to meet a few of the students they were really excited about biology,” Brown said. “I am looking forward to getting a chance to teach students that are really interested in the subject.”

Brown first graduated from UCLA in 2005 and will be earning his Ph.D. from Stanford in May. Becoming “Professor Justin Brown” at Simpson will begin his first, full-time teaching job, but Associate Professor of Biology Jackie Brittingham has full confidence in Brown’s abilities.

“Mr. Brown has demonstrated a sincere passion for teaching at a liberal arts institution like Simpson College,” Brittingham said. “He brings expertise in the areas of anatomy, physiology and neuroscience to the biology department that will strengthen our major and enhance our programs.”

He also made a strong impression on junior Nicole Mulder when she met Brown at lunch during his interview day.

“He is a highly motivated individual,” Mulder said. “I believe that he will be a good professor at Simpson because he will be able to offer classes that the department has not had the opportunity to offer.”

Brown is currently in the process of planning a new class for this fall on neurosciences. The class will give a broad introduction to the nervous system and focus on what happens when things go wrong.

Besides teaching, Brown hopes to explore all Simpson has to offer. He is interested in anything that has to do with running, and is passionate about helping students with career development.

“There are a lot of things I’d like to get involved in,” Brown said. “Getting people aware of all the different job opportunities that are out there for them is something that I’m really passionate about, and giving them opportunities to start having some of those experiences now while they’re in college.”