Students need to hold the rope: Vote ‘YES’

by Simpsonian Staff

Now more than ever, students have the opportunity before them to step up and do something good for the Indianola community and Simpson College – hopefully we don’t miss the boat.

Student Government Association (SGA) along with faculty members and Director of Athletics John Sirianni are calling upon students to go to the polls, or complete absentee ballets, by March 1 to pass the resolution giving Indianola a new wellness center.

According to the website advocating for the wellness center,, the new facility will bring at least 90 new jobs to the city and a plethora of opportunities for its citizens as well as Simpson students. As more details surface about the realm of possibilities that this facility could provide, it seems more and more obvious that students should turn out and vote ‘YES.’

At an SGA meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 19 Nicci Whalen, assistant professor of sports science and health education, and a strong supporter of the Indianola Wellness Facility, stated that students involved in athletic training areas of study would benefit immensely from what the wellness facility would offer. It would be a place to intern, observe and gain hands-on experience.

Sirianni has been on record with The Simpsonian talking about many of the same benefits, he also mentioned the Simpson swim team could finally have an NCAA regulation sized pool, and the pool space at Simpson could be turned into more fitness space for athletes and students.

The question is this, why in the world wouldn’t Simpson students support the wellness facility?

Despite the abundance of jobs and learning possibilities it gives to current students and current citizens of Indianola, it’s an investment in the future of the city and the future of Simpson as well. This new facility would give our college leverage against surrounding colleges in our area – it’s good for Simpson and it’s good for this city.

Here is your call to action, your push to participate and your words of encouragement to support something great for Simpson and Indianola: Go out and vote ‘YES.’