Big Ben will grab Lombardi trophy again


by Gabe Gilson

Tom Brady. Terry Bradshaw. Joe Montana. Troy Aikman. Ben Roethlisberger?

Right now, four quarterbacks have won at least three Super Bowls in their career. Three of these men are already in the Hall of Fame with Brady probably taking a trip to Canton, Ohio shortly after his career is over. Sunday, Ben Roethlisberger will have a chance to become the fifth man to accomplish this feat.

Purists, old-school football fans, love the style of play Roethlisberger exhibits. He’s big, tough, can make all the throws and can run a little bit. Women who are my mother’s age on the other hand, think he should be in prison.

The man has a lot of history that falls on the negative side. Oddly enough, for a clean-cut looking guy from the Midwest, numerous people could consider Big Ben scum. In 2006, Roethlisberger had a motorcycle accident that could have cost him his life in which he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Two sexual assault accusations later, neither of which led to a conviction, Roethlisberger started this season on a four-game suspension due to a “personal conduct violation.”

How unthinkable it is that all of this is forgotten and the man in black with the villain persona will try to hold up the Lombardi trophy for the third time. And by try, I mean to say that he will succeed.

While nice guys finish last, bad guys find a way to win. Kobe, LeBron, Duke basketball, Mike Tyson, Zinedane Zidane (for the layman, the French dude that head-butted the Italian guy in the 2006 World Cup) all these men could be considered great champions, (other than LeBron) but also sport villains.

While I dig Aaron Rodgers and the thing he does with the imaginary belt every time he does something cool, he seems like an awfully nice guy. Rodgers is the type of guy a young woman can take home to mom and your mom would fall in love. Can you imagine what would happen if a young lady introduced Big Ben to mom for the first time? Or even dad for that matter? The first introduction could possibly be the last.

When picking out the ideal quarterback for your team, don’t you want the guy that has a bit of a nasty streak? And women, don’t you want to pick the guy wearing the leather jacket on his motorcycle without a helmet, who makes you feel a little dangerous while pissing off dad just enough that you’re with him? This weekend, that guy will be wearing black and yellow, not green and yellow.

Forget about the defense that is better, or the running game that is better, or the fact that only two Packers players have ever been to a Super Bowl while almost every member of the Steelers was there just two years prior, they got themselves some Big Ben. All-around, the Steelers are just a better team. How the Packers are -2.5 against an AFC team that has won more of these games than any other NFL franchise, I will never understand.

Earlier in January, it was another villain that many draft prospects are comparing to Roethlisberger named Cameron Newton who was holding up a trophy after his team took home a title. When we look back 20-30 years from now we will forget the antics of Ben Roethlisberger and remember the numerous Super Bowls he has won. The man is 28 years old; the only question today is how many will we say he won. Scary thought for a villain of this sort.