The Mechanic’ delivers as remake


by Tiffany VanVolkinburg

The duo of Jason Statham and Ben Foster deliver an action packed movie much more enticing than the movie trailers make “The Mechanic” out to be. Arthur (Statham) is a “mechanic” with a unique definition, however. This mechanic specializes in distinctive jobs that require a specific type of human elimination.

Keeping with the tradition of assassination films, Arthur, the best assassin in his line of work, is confronted with a problem early on in the movie when his mentor and closest friend Harry (Donald Sutherland) becomes his new assignment.

Following orders like only a mechanic can, Arthur reluctantly pulls the trigger. But, when he discovers his obedience was all in vain, Arthur sets out on a journey through the ranks, killing everyone and anyone who gets in his way, attempting to eliminate the man at the top.

His mission becomes complicated when he takes Harry’s son Steve (Foster) under his wing. Under the notion that he owes something to Steve, Arthur gains a new prodigy. Both seeking vengeance for the tragic event of Harry’s death, Arthur teaches Steve his trade. As this new partnership begins to flourish, secrets of how Harry died threaten to surface, and the mechanics face problems among themselves.

Jason Statham once again turns out a great performance in this spectacular film of skilled killing and deceit. While he is the main man, and ultimately the face of this movie, Foster is brilliant in his portrayal of Steve.

Foster’s portrayal of Steve was the main character to hold my attention throughout the movie. This was largely due to the fact that his character had an emotional hold on the audience because he was working for the man who killed his father without knowing it. The vulnerability of his character’s state of mind kept the audience intrigued and wondering what he was going to do next.

Usually a remake of a movie can never live up to the original. However, Statham manages to pull it off. “The Mechanic,” originally released in 1972 starring Charles Bronson and Jan-Michael Vincent, gives a dramatically effective hit man movie.