Simpson’s Got Talent becomes ‘Simpson’s Got Drunks’


by Erin Floro

Simpson’s Got Talent Saturday night turned into Simpson’s Got drunks and inconsiderate people- and you all know who you are. As part of Campus Activities Board, I know how much time, work, and effort goes into planning an event like this, and it’s a misfortune how it all turned out.

As many of you know I’m all about having fun, but there’s a line- and it was crossed. After receiving many complaints I thought I should address how I, and most other people really felt.

Those of you who were shaking the tree to scatter leaves all over the building to make the janitors job that much harder- Shame on you.

Those of you who took it upon yourself to be center of attention and crawl up on stage while people were performing- Shame on you.

Those of you screaming, “Free Bird” and “Piano is gay” to the piano duet, you should be embarrassed. This was actual talent, which was the whole reason for the show.

Those of you taking shots during “To God Be The Glory” and shouting “Since when do we come to church on Saturday nights?”- Shame on you.

Those of you who booed the emcee- Shame on you. Have you ever tried to control 100 belligerent drunks?

With a broken chair, broken food make line, and broken glass bottles on the cement,

this program was turned into an intoxicated mess. It will be a surprise to me if this show even happens next year. Too bad the great turnout of over 400 people was overshadowed by the lack of intelligence and attentiveness. But, for all of you who have talent, I hope you aren’t discouraged to perform due to the rude crowd. For those of you who can’t act your age and be respectful-don’t come. No one wants you there anyway.