Beat the Reporter

by Erin Guzman

Iowa @ Illinois

Reader’s Pick: Iowa

“Iowa has nothing to lose going ino hostile Assembly Hall. Lead by the best freshman in the conference not named Jared Sullinger, Melsahn Basabe (10.9 ppg, 7 rpg, and 57.1 fgp) will spark Iowa to a much needed win down the stretch ove rthe inconsistent Illini.” – Max Nguyen, freshman

Reporter’s Pick: Illinois

I know I just said I support Iowa teams, but I think Illinois might come away with a W here. Iowa is riding on a four game losing sterak, which could be a motivator, but Illinois has the better average for success in pretty much every area. Iowa needs a big confidence booster in order to pull off a win here, and I just don’t think it’ll happen.

Texas @ Colorado

Reader’s Pick: Texas

“Texas is playing the best basketball in the country right now and the team is determined to get that number one seed in the tournament come March.” – Brian Newton, sophomore

Reporter’s Pick: Texas

Well, the Longhorns are also good. They’ve got fire under them. They want that No. 1 spot and are dertmined to get it, and that shows in their play. They’re rocking the Big 12 with one conference loss, and I’ll bet they keep up that winning streak. Colorado doesn’t stand a chance.

Duke @ Virginia Tech

Reader’s Pick: Duke

“The ACC is really down this year, other than Duke. It’s no coincidence they are 10-1 in conference play right now.” – Jordan Glawe, sophomore

Reporter’s Pick: Duke

Duke is No. 1 for a reason. It doesn’t really matter who the opponent is, they’re spectacular. Their offensive onslaught continues to impress me every game. It’s rarely a contest people. I don’t think I need to say much more…

Iowa State @ Nebraska

Reader’s Pick: Nebraska

“I just can’t pick Iowa State when they are at the bottom of the Big 12. It isn’t their year and the players are losing that motivation the new coach brought with him.” – Brian Newton, sophomore

Reporter’s Pick: Iowa State

Iowa State is sitting at the bottom of their conference, but they have the home court advantage here… and we all know they can only win when they have a packed students’ section in Hilton. Nebraska is a little bit above average this season, and they have won against considerably good teams, but the Iowan in me wants to root for the Clones.