Valentine’s Day, romantic Monday

by Kelsey Hagelberg

Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year making Cupid’s plan of finding romantic settings hard to come by.

A couple men are digging deep and thinking about their valentine’s favorite place to eat. By remembering their significant other’s favorite restaurant, they hope to score extra points.

“I am planning on taking her to her favorite place to dine, which is Spaghetti Works,” sophomore Elijah Knox said.

A trip to Des Moines on a Monday night is not a bad idea. Eating at one of the restaurants Indianola has to offer is not a priority to some.

“I’ll try to get a little more classy than what Indianola has to offer,” senior David Fouch said.

Valentine’s Day is often considered a time when true love should shine through but not all people agree. Some women believe that their men should remember them on random days.

“I just feel that flowers, chocolates or a card would mean so much more if my boyfriend sent them on a random Tuesday rather than Valentine’s Day,” senior Michelle Lingscheit said. “It would show me more that he was thinking about me rather than that someone told him to think about me.”

Many Simpson students who do not have a significant other are going to spend time with members of the same sex.

“I plan on being spontaneous and hang out with my girlfriends,” freshmen Jenna Smith said.

Watching movies with girls seems to be a common trend for those ladies who aren’t currently involved in a relationship. For students looking to break out of their group and take a chance on love, the Comic Book Club is hosting an auction for some of Simpson’s most eligible bachelors.

Sophomore Ethan Hess is one of the brave bachelors being auctioned off for a date starting at $10. Hess does not seem to have a problem with the idea behind the auction.

“People are paying money to take me out on a date,” Hess said.

The date must take place sometime before Valentine’s Day, but the fun of going on a date with someone you hardly know is very exciting. Finding that soul mate could be just that easy.

Some students who have long distance relationships are keeping their fingers crossed for good weather.

“I am really hoping to travel to Illinois to see my boyfriend Brian if the weather permits,” freshman Emily Situmeang said.

With all this snow on the ground, some dates may have to happen via Skype.

To make this Valentine’s Day more memorable for that significant other, think outside the box and be unpredictable. Surprise him/her the before Valentine’s Day with an oil massage or blizzard from Dairy Queen.

The tip to keep in mind for this Valentine’s Day is creativity. Women predict that they will be wined, dined or given chocolates and roses. For those who are the typical poor college student, rent a movie and just spend time together. A little attention is all a Valentine asks for.